Add 2 students not in the list for admnistrative reasons

parent b17f0df0
......@@ -201,8 +201,8 @@,"Li, Guang",Oui,"Libert, Célestin",Non,"Libert, Corentin",Non,"Libert, Louis",Oui,"Liénard, Tobie",Oui,"Lohest, Charles",Non,"Liénard, Tobie",Non,"Lohest, Charles",Oui,"Loiseau, Florimond",Non,"Loizeau, Hugo",Oui,"Lonfils, Marie",Oui
......@@ -432,4 +432,6 @@,"Verstraelen, Elliot",Non,"Vervier, Hugo",Oui,"Wats, Raphaël",Non,"Williot, Lucas",Oui,"Bertrand Van Ouytsel, Charles-Henry",Non,"Chalant Devlesaver, Pierre",Non,"Gonzalez Merino, Sarah",Non,"Bertrand Van Ouytsel, Charles-Henry",Oui
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